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Reflexology Certification Prep Course at HACC

The 112 hour intensive training program is well suited for all skill levels.

No previous bodywork training or experience is necessary. This class is excellent for anyone interested in learning techniques for better self-care or ways to care for family and friends, as well as for those who want to begin a
bodywork career or enhance an existing bodywork practice.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to give a wonderfully relaxing and effective full one-hour reflexology session; and much, much more!

During the training we’ll discuss and review anatomy and physiology related to all body systems. You’ll also learn the maps of the body’s reflexes on the feet, hands and ears. As the class progresses you’ll learn more advanced techniques including hand and ear reflexology, energy concepts related to reflexology and what reflexes to emphasize for specific body imbalances.  You’ll also have lots of hands-on time to refine your technique. The class is approved for 100 CEUs with the NCBTMB and the PA State Board of Massage Therapy; and will prepare you to take the national certification exam with the American Reflexology Certification Board.

​The Energy of Reflexology - Maritime Institute, Baltimore, MD

Private Consultation:

Reflexology sessions, while seeming like pampering are extremely effective therapeutically. Reflexes are worked on the feet, hands and/or ears to reduce stress and address  any imbalances in the body. Techniques are used in a way that is pain-free and very relaxing.

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Reflexology is the ancient art and science of using pressure points on the feet, called “reflexes,” to facilitate healing and revitalization of the entire body. It helps to adjust the body’s energy flow in order to keep the organs in a constant state of balance. This focused form of acupressure and massage aids circulation, body detoxification and glandular, muscular and nerve functioning. While acting as a powerful therapeutic technique, reflexology also helps to calm the emotions and assist the body to release tension and stress.

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