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Reiki, meaning spirit directed life force energy, is a gentle hands-on or hands-free healing modality. The techniques used are designed to facilitate relaxation in the client reducing stress and allowing the body mind and spirit to balance and heal naturally. Because stress has been associated with being the basis of all illness and disease, Reiki is ideal for working with any imbalance.

Workshops -

Reiki 1:

Enjoy a magical day learning the ancient healing art of Reiki. During this powerful experience, you will be attuned to the universal life energy of source. Reiki is truly an empowering experience which, when used regularly, facilitates and accelerates balancing of body, mind and spirit. Reiki is used for alleviating stress and stress-related imbalances, includingacute and chronic disease; and for enhancing personal growth. Reiki is a reawakening and reconnection to your divine self.

Reiki 2:

You will continue your journey and experience a powerful deepening of the Reiki energy. You will receive another attunement and three symbols. The first increases the flow of energy, the second is used to access the subconscious mind, and the third is used for distant healing facilitation.

Master Teacher Training:

Awakening the divine perfection already within you. In Reiki 1 & 2 classes, you were attuned to the divine energy of source. You were empowered to tap into this energy to facilitate healing of yourself and others. The Reiki Master Teacher level is for those interested in maximizing balance, potential and personal truth in their lives and all "lives" touched by them. The training is appropriate for those seeking personal growth as well as for those wanting to teach Reiki. You will receive attunements to the Master symbols, and teachings on doing healing attunements, passing attunements on to others and on related healing methods.

Reiki -