- Relief of joint pain, including  


 - Improving Balance, Tai Chi practice

   improves body awareness and 

   strengthens the muscles of the 

   legs and abdominal muscles (core)

   important for walking and

   maintaining good posture.

 - Increasing bone density

 - Improving cardio-respiratory


 - Helps regulate blood sugar levels

 - Aids in digestion

 - Helps reduce high blood pressure

 - Reduces Stress

Bob's Tai Chi classes are geared for

beginners and intermediate skill sets.

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In Chinese, tai chi means the "balance and harmony" of natural forces within our world and ourselves. It also means "supreme ultimate", pointing to the awesome nature of all life and our own lives within the universe. Tai chi, both moving meditation and martial art, is a widely practiced form of the ancient Chinese self-care practices known as

Chi Gong (Qigong). Chi gong means to cultivate (gong) healing life energies and resources (Chi).

Tai Chi Easy is a mind-body practice that combines gentle exercises and meditation to activate self-healing properties that ancient Chinese texts call the "healer within' and the "elixir of life". The Tai Chi easy training is a step-by-step program detailing how to use the techniques for relaxation, balance and fitness.  

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